lundi 31 octobre 2011

A powerful logo

The strength and the energy of Red Bull are represented through its famous logo: two red bulls fighting under a sun shining. Warm colours for an energising drink. But where does this idea of the fight of those two red bulls come from?

To understand the origin of this original and strong logo, you need to remind before the creation of this famous energising drink, Red Bull.

In 1982 during a business trip in Hong Kong, Dietrich Mateschitz, Red Bull’s inventor was really tired because of the jetlag and had a drink at the bar of his hotel. The barman served him a Thai energising drink. He had been seduced by this drink that will become two years later the famous Red Bull we know today, so he asked for the name: « Krating Daeng » which means « Red Bull » in Thai. A strong drink represented by a powerful and virile image: this is how the logo of Red Bull was built.

Funny, isn’t it ?

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